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What are the prices of aerial photograph products?

The public may download digital aerial photography products at no cost from the Earth Resources Observation and Science Center (EROS) via EarthExplorer or GloVis.

Customers can request a higher resolution aerial or declassified image to be scanned for a $30.00 per frame service fee.  A $5.00 handling charge will be applied per request.  All requests will need to be made on-line through EarthExplorer.

A majority of the USGS archives remains on film media that has not yet been scanned.  Scanning efforts are under way to capture digital data from the film media, but this process will span many years.  Users may side-step the lengthy process of waiting for the no cost data by paying a service fee for on-demand scanning requests as a credit card transaction at $30.00 per frame/scene plus an order fee of $5.00.

If you have any payment, billing, or account questions, please contact the USGS/Denver office:

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