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How can I acquire or download Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) data?

GNIS data is available from a number of sources and services. See Data.Gov, Geographic Names Community for full metadata and instructions concerning these services (Click Geographic Names under Special Interest in left menu, then Gallery or Resources.). Contact GNIS Manager for additional information.

GNIS public Web site: Directly queries the database for official geographic feature names, their locative attributes, variant names, and other data, and allows users to display, print, and download results for datasets up to 2000 records.

The National Map: Displays the names layers from the GNIS Map Service in the right menu of the viewer. Define an area of interest, check the desired layers under the Names category, and refresh the map for display. The Find Place/Feature Lookup utility in the left menu of the viewer directly accesses the database through the GNIS XML service. Query on features of interest, then center and zoom the viewer to them. Click Download in the left menu and select layers including Names to retrieve ZIPed SHAPE files.

GNIS Map Service: Provides direct access to the Names layers of The National Map for GIS tools such as ESRI ARCMap including display and download capabilities.

GNIS XML Service: Provides direct query access to GNIS database by appending query parameters to the URL and returns results in XML format for processing by any user or application. The XML service is utilized by the Find Place/Names Feature Lookup utility in The National Map.

GNIS Download Files: Data extract files for States and territories are available for download. See the Download GNIS selection under Domestic Names in the Main Menu to the left. Four topical extracts of the data base also are available: the U.S. Populated Places File lists information about all communities throughout the United States described in the database; the U.S. Concise File lists information about major physical and cultural features throughout the United States; the Historical Features File lists information about features that are no longer in existence; and the Antarctica File contains entries throughout the continent of Antarctica as approved for use on United States Government products. Visit the download page and read the information available on that page and by clicking the "File Format" links for more information.

GNIS Customized Files: Will be provided if feasible upon request to GNIS Manager.

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