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Can I add new entries to the Geographic Names Information System for manmade and administrative features, such as churches, cemeteries, schools, shopping centers, etc.?

Suggested corrections and additions to the data are accepted from any source for review, and upon validation, will be committed to the database.

For manmade and administrative features, submit the official name of the feature, its precise location in geographic coordinates, State, county, and a bibliographic reference to GNIS Manager. The bibliographic reference is the written source such as a map, pamphlet, other document, Web site, sign, etc. in which the name is published. If a precise location is not available or submitted, the geographical coordinates will be entered as "unknown."

Note that this procedure does not apply to natural features. See this FAQ and this FAQ

The USGS Geographic Names Project maintains an active and extensive program to add features not in the database, primarily through partnerships with Federal, State, and local agencies, and with other organizations having relevant data.

The GNIS Web-based data maintenance application allows authorized users to enter and edit feature data directly. Batch files of data also are accepted in most standard formats. Government agencies at all levels are encouraged to join the program. Other organizations and individuals will be considered on a case basis.


Learn more: Data.Gov, Geographic Names Community for additional information concerning GNIS Web services and the data maintenance program or contact GNIS Manager.

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