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I found an error on a map. How can I report it, and when will you fix it?

There are different answers to this question for different products. In all cases, we must know what product you are addressing.
If the error is related to roads, including street names, please read this FAQ.
Please read the following guidelines, and email error reports to
US Topo maps
Please include the following information:
1) The map title, State, and date (from the title block in the lower right corner).
2) Description of the error.
3) Location of the error.
For location, geographic coordinates are preferred. These can be read directly from the screen if you use the TerraGo Toolbar and GeoPDF extensions. They can also be read from the margin annotation as on a traditional paper map. Otherwise include a detailed description of the feature and its location so someone not familiar with the area can find it on the US Topo.
The US Topo project does not edit data, and performs only limited data verification. The project accepts data from authoritative sources and repackages these data into a standard topographic map format. Error reports will be evaluated, and if determined to be a source-data issue, will be passed to the data owner. Data sources include other USGS programs, other government agencies, and non-government organizations.
US Topo maps will normally not be reissued to correct a specific error, though there are exceptions for certain types of serious errors. Instead, the data sources will be corrected for inclusion when the map is remade in the regular 3-year cycle. USGS believes that data sources will continually improve, and the quality and currentness of the map series as a whole is best served by a rapid refresh cycle rather than by giving special attention to individual maps.
Historical Maps
USGS maps in the Historical Topographic Map Collection (HTMC) are historical documents, and will not be revised or corrected. If the map is a USGS topographic quadrangle and the date in the lower-right title block is 2006 or earlier, the map is historical. Historical USGS maps are used in many commercial map products, which often modify or enhance the USGS base map, and may have current dates. The USGS has no control over these commercial products.
Web Maps
Confirm that the application is owned by USGS. Send us the URL of the application, or describe how to navigate to the web page from another URL. Also send the coordinates of the feature at issue. If you don't know how to extract coordinates, send a screen-grab image and a description of its location, such as city and state, or direction and distance from a town or highway intersection.
GIS data
Confirm that the data are from the USGS. Send us the dataset title and date from the metadata file, or the download URL, or detailed instructions about how to navigate to the download site. Also provide the coordinates of the feature at issue and any relevant feature attribute information. Screen-grab images are often helpful.

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