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How do I get a full-scale plot of a 1:24,000-scale US Topo map?

There are three ways to get full-scale plots of USGS quadrangle maps, both US Topo and Historical Topographic Map Collection.
  1. Request a plot from the USGS Map Store.
  2. Download and send the GeoPDF map file to a local printing business.
  3. Download and plot the GeoPDF map file on your own large-format plotter. See the product users guide for more information.
US Topo maps contain more data layers than can be clearly printed at the same time (for example, it is rarely beneficial to print contours and orthoimage together). To take full advantage of the map customization allowed by the US Topo layers, options 2 and 3 are recommended.
The USGS no longer prints maps using traditional lithographic printing technology, but some stock of lithographic prints are still available for some historical maps. Contact the Map Store for more information.


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