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What is GeoMark, and do US Topo maps have it?  

GeoMark is TerraGo's geospatial data extension to PDF markup. GeoMark allows notes and geometric objects (lines, polygons, etc) to be added to a GeoPDF, and allows these objects to be exported to GIS files.
Most US Topo maps since 2012, and nearly all historical topographic maps, are GeoMark-enabled, so users of these products can add and export Geomarkup using the free Adobe Reader software and Terrago Toolbar plugin. Exact behavior of the Geomark tools varies between versions of Adobe Reader and the TerraGo Toolbar, and in older versions of these software tools the GeoMark functions may not operate on US Topo maps. The latest software versions tested by USGS are Adobe Reader XI 11.0.10 and TerraGo Toolbar 6.6.02.


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