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Information about GeoTIFF versions of historical topo maps.

In 2015 the National Geologic Map Database project mass-converted all GeoPDF HTMC maps to GeoTIFF and several other image formats. These versions are available through the TopoView application.

These non-PDF versions are currently served only through TopoView. They are not yet available for bulk delivery, nor do any current download interfaces include options to bundle multiple formats.

The base-product GeoPDF maps are best for users who simply want to view or print a map, or make simple distance and area measurements on a map. GeoTIFF versions are often more convenient for GIS and graphic art users.

The GeoTIFF versions preserve the geometry and spatial reference system of the original GeoPDF product.

The USGS has no plans to create "collarless" versions of HTMC maps. The primary goal of the HTMC project is to preserve the set of historic topographic maps in their original form. Removing the collar would compromise this objective by deleting part of the map's history.

US Topo maps are not available in GeoTIFF format. The multi-layer design of US Topo does not lend itself to a single, simple TIFF product. Information about separating US Topo layers and converting GeoPDF to GeoTIFF can be found at this FAQ.

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