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I am doing a research project/report on the brown Treesnake. Are there some resources you could recommend?

Besides the information included here in these FAQs, there are many scientific papers available that detail the great deal of research that has been done regarding the brown Treesnake, particularly in the last 15-20 years.  There are books that have been written specifically about this situation on Guam: for the more scientifically oriented, Problem Snake Management: The Habu and the Brown Treesnake published by the Cornell University Press, 1999; and for the non-scientist who is interested in the story behind the problem but doesn't want as much technical language, And No Birds Sing, by Mark Jaffe. These are both excellent resources and can be found at your local library or bookstore (although you may need to request that they be ordered).  Finally, a good overview article can be found in Bioscience, October 1997, entitled The Disappearance of Guam's Wildlife.

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