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How big do Asian carp get and what do they eat?

Both bighead and silver carp become fairly large; records of both species approach 100 pounds, but silver carp over 20 pounds and bighead carp over 30 pounds are uncommon. The North American record for bighead carp is a 106-pound fish from Missouri. Both bighead and silver carp feed on plankton, algae, bacteria, and detritus (various small, organic debris) — items that form the base of aquatic food webs.

Silver carp are a large a troublesome invasive species from Asia found in the great rivers of the central United States. Silver carp have been observed to jump in response to rocks thrown in the water, passing trains, geese taking off from the water, or just when they unexpectedly find themselves in a tight place.

However, a speeding boat seems to especially frighten them and often dozens of the fish will be airborne at once, sometimes reaching heights of ten feet in the air.

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