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What methods are being used to control zebra mussels inside power plants?

There are many methods that have been investigated to help control zebra mussels. They are listed below in no particular order. Some methods will work better than others in a particular situation.

  • Chemical molluscicides: Oxidizing (chlorine, chlorine dioxide) and Non-oxidizing
  • Manual removal (pigging, high pressure wash)
  • Dewatering / Desiccation (freezing, heated air)
  • Thermal (steam injection, hot water >32° C)
  • Acoustical vibration
  • Electrical current
  • Filters, Screens
  • Coatings: Toxic (copper, zinc) and Non-toxic (silicone-based)
  • Toxic constructed piping (copper, brass, galvanized metals)
  • Carbon dioxideinjection
  • Ultraviolet light
  • Anoxia / Hypoxia
  • Flushing


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