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What impact are Asian swamp eels having on the ecosystem?

At present the impacts of the eel are largely unknown. Because they are generalized predators, this species is a potential threat to native fishes, frogs, and aquatic invertebrates. In both Georgia and Florida there is concern that the species will spread to adjacent water bodies. The Georgia impoundments where this eel has been taken are connected to the Chattahoochee River. Local biologists studied swamp eel populations established in southern Florida and reported no deleterious ecological effects, although it should be noted that the investigators focused on populations inhabiting canals and associated waterways, habitats already highly disturbed. In addition, their study was largely interested in possible harm caused by swamp eels to sport fishes. A USGS scientist examined the occurrence of internal parasites in both imported, wild-caught swamp eels from a US retail food market and also from an introduced population in Florida, finding them in nearly all specimens and highlighting the potential of these eels as a vector for introduction of fish parasites.

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