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Will the oil in the Bakken Formation free us from depending on foreign oil?

Certainly the production of oil from the Bakken reduces U.S. imports of foreign oil.  However, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the U.S. imported about 326 million barrels of oil and the Bakken Formation in North Dakota Oil and Gas Division produced about 21 million barrels of oil in December of 2012.  

The USGS does not make forecasts about the future potential of a particular resource to resolve national energy needs.  However, the USGS assesses undiscovered technically recoverable oil and gas resources in the U.S. and the world.  We also conduct assessments involving other geologic based fuels.  You can find our assessments on-line at The USGS Energy Resources Program. The USGS does this research and makes it publicly available so that policy makers, energy planners, land and resource managers, Congress, the Administration, and others, including the public, know what potential resources there are so as to be better informed concerning the energy debate.


Learn more: USGS National Oil and Gas Assessment (choose Williston Basin in the map to see all available documents and links).


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