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Are there some regions and people of the world that are especially vulnerable to climate change?

Yes. Some of these areas include large, heavily populated deltas, low-lying islands, Arctic communities and other indigenous communities that live along the coastline or on islands, water-scarce areas of the world that are getting drier, regions that are undergoing violent conflict or civil war, and marginalized populations that simply do not have the resources and necessary capital, governance, or knowledge and tools needed for successful adaptation. Sharing knowledge, resources, and experience is one way to help vulnerable communities anticipate and adapt to climate change. Predictive tools that support decision making are important. For example, some USGS scientists are involved in a project called FEWS Net, which is a famine early warning system that relies on satellite data to monitor vegetative cover, flood and drought conditions, and other factors that affect food security. That program has been very useful in preparing people for intense droughts in Africa and Central Asia, including the direction of humanitarian aid.

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