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Are USGS reports copyrighted?

USGS-authored or produced data and information are considered to be in the U.S. public domain. You are welcome to make a link to any of the Web pages USGS has published on the Internet. There is no need to request permission.

While the content of most USGS Web pages is in the U.S. public domain, not all information, illustrations, or photographs on our site are. Some non USGS photographs, images, and/or graphics that appear on USGS Web sites are used by the USGS with permission from the copyright holder. These materials are generally marked as being copyrighted. To use these copyrighted materials, you must obtain permission from the copyright holder under the copyright law.

Please see the ‘Learn More’ links below for more details on the use of USGS materials, and how to properly cite USGS as the source.


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