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What are the USGS's plans for the topographic maps?

After the completion of the original 7.5-minute map series in 1992, the USGS mapping program focused on creating national geographic information system (GIS) databases. Topographic map revision tapered off in the 1990s, and the last traditional 7.5-minute topographic map revisions were printed in 2006. 
In November 2008, USGS management committed to design and produce a new digital quadrangle topographic map series, branded as US Topo in 2010. These maps are published as digital documents in PDF. The USGS is committed to continuing this project through at least 2018. For more information, see the US Topo web site and US Topo FAQs.
Topographic maps produced between 1884 and 2006 were originally published as printed paper maps.  In 2010-2012, about 179,000 library copies of these maps were scanned and published in PDF as historical documents. This scanning project continues today, though at a reduced level of effort as the collection of scanned maps nears completion. For more information, see the Historical Topographic Map Collection (HTMC) web site and HTMC FAQs. As the name of the collection implies, these maps are now historical documents; they will not be corrected or revised, and USGS does not endorse operational uses of them.
Every USGS standard topographic quadrangle in the scale range 1:10,000 to 1:250,000 is part of either the US Topo or HTMC product series (no map belongs to both series). The USGS publishes many kinds of maps that are not topographic quadrangles, and are therefore not included in either of these series. See the links below for information about other USGS publications, maps, and geospatial products.


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