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How can Hawai‘i Island residents determine the lava-flow hazard zones in which their properties are located?

The published Lava-Flow Hazard Zone Map (paper copy) was not intended to be used at a scale necessary to identify individual parcels on the map. However, digital mapping software can offer new options for this determination:

If you have access to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, you can overlay the lava-flow hazard zones and boundaries on the Hawai‘i County tax map. The County of Hawai‘i Planning Department includes the lava-flow hazard zone information on their GIS CD, which can be purchased for a nominal fee by contacting the Zoning Clerk at 808-961-8288. This will require installing the GIS browser software that comes with the CD.

HVO has also made available a Google Earth kmz file that displays lava-flow hazard zones for the County of Hawai‘i on the Google Earth base. Google Earth is an application freely available to anyone who has Internet connectivity.

More information on how to determine lava-flow hazard zones for specific parcels of land using GIS or Google Earth is provided in a 2006 "Volcano Watch" article, which is available on the HVO Web site.

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