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How do I submit a bulk download request for satellite data?

The USGS File List Ordering page allows you to enter lists (up to 500 Landsat scenes) and see which scenes are downloadable immediately, which scenes need to be processed, and the scenes that are not available.

The USGS File List Ordering page allows the upload of these file types:

  • A GloVis - generated Scene list
  • An EarthExplorer Metadata Export file
  • A text file displaying one image id per line


  1. Access the USGS File List Ordering page. You must log in with your free EROS username and password (or create a new account).
  2. Select either the Single Data Set or the Multiple Data Sets tab.
    1. If you select Single Data Set, please ensure all items listed in your file are of the same dataset, and select that in the Data Set box.
    2. Select the Multiple Data Sets tab for lists containing data from more than one dataset.
  3. Select the File Format of the list you are uploading.
  4. Browse for and select the file containing the id names of the data you want to receive.
  5. Click Submit File List.
  6. The next page displays the Datasets listed in the uploaded file. Any Unavailable or Invalid Scenes will be visible below the listing of available scenes.
  7. Select the Method you wish to receive the data by clicking on the boxes above the listed Data sets: Bulk Download, Download Them All, or Order.*
  8. Select the specific Download Products for each Dataset listed. Multiple Download Products can be selected by holding the key on the keyboard and selecting more than one product.**
  9. Click Submit Order.
  10. A confirmation page will appear upon successful order submission.

*Bulk Download, Download Them All, or Order

  • Bulk Download = an easy way to download many Landsat scenes. When using this option, all downloadable scenes are automatically placed into an order, which can be downloaded using the Bulk Download Application.
  • Download Them All = Provides the scenes in a list from which you can download individually or with a separate download utility.
  • Order = Processing is required to create the Landsat Level-1 data product. Processing takes 1 to 3 days, and will send an email confirmation when the Level-1 product is ready to download.

**Landsat Download Products:



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