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How do I search for and download Landsat data?

EarthExplorer and Glovis   allow searching and downloading of the Landsat dataset collections held in the USGS EROS archives.

Scenes already processed can be downloaded immediately; requests for processing can be submitted for scenes not downloadable from these sites. Once a request is submitted and the data is processed (processing takes 1 to 5 days), an email notification containing the direct download URL is sent. After Landsat scenes are processed, they are also made available for immediate download from EarthExplorer and Glovis.

Landsat imagery not found in the USGS EROS archive may have been collected by one of the USGS International Cooperator (IC) ground stations, each of which are the primary source of distributing data collected at their location. Station information and contact details can be found at this USGS International Ground Station (IGS) Network website.

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