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What files are included when I download a Landsat 8 scene?

Along with similar multispectral bands used on the Landsat 7 ETM+ sensor, the addition of a new coastal/aerosol band and a new cirrus band provides improved data products. Two thermal bands (TIRS) capture data with a minimum of 100 meter resolution, but are registered to and delivered with the OLI data product.

Landsat 8 file sizes are larger than Landsat 7 data, due to additional bands and improved 16-bit data product.  Landsat Level 1 Products are delivered in a tar.gz compressed file:


LDCM/Landsat 81 GB2 GB
Landsat 7250 MB450 MB
all file sizes approximate  


A Quality Assurance (QA.tif) band is also included. This band provides bit information regarding conditions that may affect the accuracy and usability of a given pixel. More information can be found at How do I use the Landsat 8 Quality Assessment (QA) band?.

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