Seismic Hazards -- Maps, Probabilities, and EQ Engineering

Seismic hazard is the hazard associated with potential earthquakes in a particular area, and a seismic hazard map shows the relative hazards in different areas. The maps are made by considering what we currently know about:
Determining your risk with regard to earthquakes, or more precisely shaking from earthquakes, isn't as simple as finding the nearest fault.
Published maps will only provide generalized, uninterpreted information about specific areas.
You should consider the following factors when deciding whether or not to get earthquake insurance:
Try the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research website for that information.
The National Seismic Hazards Mapping project provides an online web tool for determining the probability of a large earthquake within 50 kilometers (~31 miles) of a specific location over a certain time period.
Worldwide the probability that an earthquake will be followed within 3 days by a large earthquake nearby is somewhere just over 6%. In California, that probability is about 6%.
No. Forecasts are rather like weather forecasts, while earthquake probabilities are more like climate. Here are some distinctions:Probabilities