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Fish and Wildlife Service Region 1
FY 2012 Science Support Partnership (SSP) and Quick Response (QRP) Request for Proposals

Proposals are now being accepted for the FY2012 Science Support Partnership (SSP) and Quick Response Program (QRP). SSP and QRP funds are held within the U.S. Geologic Survey (USGS) budget for work on research and information needs "solely identified" by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service). SSP funding can extend through multiple years and involve both experimental research and technical assistance. QRP funding can only be used for 1-year projects with a maximum budget of $25,000 or less. The proposal template for FY2012 funding is attached.

[Note: As of the date of the announcement presented here, Congress had not yet passed a FY2011 budget, and new projects to be funded with FY2011 dollars are currently on hold. Nevertheless, the Regional Coordinators for the Service have been instructed by USGS to proceed with the RFP process for FY2012 in anticipation of eventual passage of FY2011 and FY2012 appropriations bills.]

For both SSP and QRP, USGS scientists spend the money and lead the work, but the project proposals are submitted by Service staff to meet Service needs (a summary describing Service and USGS roles in carrying out SSP/QRP activities is attached).

Region 1 is allocated $250,000 and $25,000 for the SSP and QRP programs, respectively, for FY2012. Approximately $152,500 of those funds are committed to five continuing projects from FY2010 and FY2011 which leaves approximately $122,500 available in Region 1 for new FY2012 SSP/QRP projects (see attached spreadsheet).

Although there are no specific limitations this year for proposal topics, applicants should consider the following priorities:

Proposal addresses timely regional scientific information needs of at least one Service program, with preference to projects that address cross-program priorities

Proposal demonstrates budget efficiency, with preference given to budgets that do not exceed 3 years and request less than $25,000 per year

Proposal addresses management-oriented research questions rather than technical assistance requests (e.g., literature reviews)

Proposal addresses the biological planning, conservation design and/or monitoring/research for implementation of the Strategic Habitat Conservation (SHC) approach (SHC report available online at

Proposal demonstrates partnership support

**For FY2012, proposals that address research needs of the Service associated with renewable energy development are particularly invited.

Proposals must be submitted using the web-based Fish and Wildlife Information Needs and Studies system (FWINS). FWINS can be accessed online ( by all R1 employees using your active directory user name and password, similar to accessing the Service intranet. Entering SSP/QRP proposals via FWINS involves the same information as the attached proposal template. New FWINS users should factor in sufficient lead-time rather than attempting to access FWINS for the first time immediately prior to the proposal deadline. The FWINS site includes a user manual and other online help.

Proposals must be submitted via FWINS no later than COB June 10, 2011. Separate proposals for SSP vs. QRP are not required; any project meeting QRP criteria will be reviewed both for QRP and SSP funding. Proposals should be developed jointly between the Service Project Officer and the selected USGS researcher or facility. All proposals must identify a Service Project officer. Proposals should clearly articulate the resulting products and how those results can be applied to Service management needs. A budget must be uploaded into FWINS as an Excel file (FWINS provides for attachment of documents in the budget section) with sufficient detail to allow for discussions/decisions at the regional level (e.g., separate line items for Principal Investigator (PI) salary, technicians, supplies, travel, overhead, etc.). Service Project Officers are strongly encouraged to carefully review the budget details with USGS prior to submittal. Incorrect application of overhead rates or other budget inaccuracies may jeopardize project selection and/or implementation. Service Project officers are also encouraged to ensure the USGS PI has supervisory approval to participate in the project.

Proposals will be reviewed by the Region 1 SSP/QRP Coordinating Committee (see list below). Selected projects will require appropriate approvals and signatures prior to submission by the Committee to the Regional Director for final approval. Final funding recommendations will be forwarded by the Regional Director to USGS no later than August 19, 2011. Applicants will be notified regarding the funding decisions. Part of the subsequent USGS process will involve peer review of selected proposals that involve experimental research (technical assistance proposals do not require the same peer review process). The ultimate goal is to allow USGS sufficient time to facilitate the start of projects as early as possible in FY2012. Note that the FWINS system will also be used to track funded SSP and QRP projects, and serves as a repository for associated reports and products.

Although sufficient funds are not available to support all desired proposals, the SSP/QRP program is one of the more direct opportunities that focus USGS research and science support on Service information needs in Region 1.

Please contact your representative to the SSP/QRP Coordinating Committee if you have questions:

Julie Concannon for Ecological Services,
Ann Gannam for Fisheries,
Brad Bortner for Migratory Birds,
Joe Engler for Refuges,
Paul Chang for Law Enforcement, and
Stephen Zylstra for Science Applications.

Thank you for your assistance.

Sincerely yours,
Don Campton
R1 SSP/QRP Coordinator


SSP/QRP Proposal Template

SSP Roles and Responsibilities

Region 1 Current SSP Commitments

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