Environments Program

Scientists in the Environments Program conduct research on the various ecosystems that occur across the 416 million acres of public lands in the United States and its territories. We conduct research on these natural systems to provide information to Department of Interior agencies, which they can use to make decisions about how to manage public lands and trust resources.

What is this research?

Major research themes supported by the Environments Program:


Our ecological research improves the Nation’s understanding of how management decisions and environmental variation are impacting ecosystems now and in the future.

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Ecosystem Management
and Restoration Research

Our scientists conduct research to develop or improve management approaches which Department of Interior agencies can use to rehabilitate and restoration of lands impacted by anthropogenic or natural stressors.

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Fire Research

Wildfires are a natural process in most regions of the United States. They serve a vital role in nature but can also be unusually intense, widespread, or frequent. As a result, response and recovery costs are increasing.

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National Contact

Dr. Lianne Ball, Science Adviser