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Science Publishing Network / Pubs Warehouse

Publishing is an essential means of conveying USGS science to support and inform decisions of national significance. The USGS provides tools and resources for the support of and access to USGS publications including the Science Publishing Network and the Publications Warehouse.

USGS Publications Warehouse

Publications Warehouse website

The Publications Warehouse provides public access to over 100,000 publications written by USGS scientists over the course of a century and a half.

What the U.S. Geological Survey Manual Requires:

The USGS Manual Chapter 502.4 - Fundamental Science Practices: Review, Approval, and Release of Information Products covers the use of the Information Product Data System (IPDS):

"Documentation and Recordkeeping: The use of the Information Product Data System (IPDS), the Bureau's official internal product tracking system for managing the development steps of USGS information products is required."

Note: Information Product: An information product is the compilation of scientific communication or knowledge such as facts, data, or interpretations in any medium (e.g., print, digital, Web) or form, including textual, numerical, graphical, cartographic, or audiovisual, to be disseminated to a defined audience or customer, scientific or nonscientific, internal or external.