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Science Data Coordinator Network (SDCN)

Initiated in 2011, the USGS SDCN represents a collaboration among Core Science Systems and the Geographic Areas. This collaboration promotes increased communication, education, cooperation, and information-sharing across and within the Geographic and Mission Areas by developing a networked community of practitioners among researchers and information management specialists.

Several activities are underway that will provide a conduit and framework for activities that help connect information investments across multiple discipline, geographic, temporal, and political boundaries, while assisting with identification and prioritization of local science and information management requirements.

By building upon existing data investments and expertise (including CDI activities), SDCN will support the deployment of more consistent data management and long-term preservation practices, and help facilitate the integration, discovery, access, and delivery of information assets developed at the USGS.

The SDCN will partner with Geographic and Mission Area researchers and information specialists to improve collaborative science efforts and to support complementary activities that recognize ongoing congressionally-mandated activities under way in the USGS. The initial focus of the SDCN will be on identifying and prioritizing local science and information management requirements, and to provide recommendations to the Executive sponsors.

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