USGS Data Management

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Partners & Projects

Partners & Projects

Several groups within the USGS are partnering to further the cause of good data management.

Community for Data Integration (CDI)

Scientific insight requires the ability to discover, access, and use relevant data and to share research results for use by others. The complex nature of problems facing society demands an interdisciplinary response that can be attained only when researchers can efficiently locate, retrieve, and use data from multiple disciplines and achieve real synthesis that is truly "trans-disciplinary." It is this backdrop that led to the formation of the Community for Data Integration (CDI) in 2009. Learn more about CDI.

Community for Data Integration Data Management Working Group (CDI DMWG)

Good data management is a prerequisite for data integration. The CDI DMWG is developing mechanisms for incorporating data management into USGS science and is also developing ways to educate scientists of its value. The group seeks to elevate the practice of data management so that it is seen as a critical partner in the pursuit of science at USGS. Learn more about the CDI DMWG.