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Core Science Analytics, Synthesis, and Libraries - Metadata Program

CSAS Metadata Program Vision:

The CSAS Metadata Program seeks to achieve a workflow environment that
assists USGS scientists with the implementation of critical data management activities.

CSAS Metadata Program Mission:

The mission of the CSAS Metadata Program is to provide USGS and its partners with data documentation services that make critical data management activities readily accessible and easy to use. Services provided include: metadata creation and quality control assistance, metadata authoring tools, and educational and training workshops.

FGDC Metadata

What's New

CSAS Online Metadata Editor (OME)

The OME is an online tool that creates metadata according to the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata. With this tool you can login and start new records or upload and edit existing ones; see all records you have created or uploaded in the past; save records and return later to complete them; save completed records to your desktop; send your records to your center or program's harvest source for indexing by the USGS Science Data Catalog.

Metadata is a description of the content, quality, lineage, contact, condition, and other characteristics of data. The description of the data is organized in a standardized format using a common set of terms. Metadata is literally "data about data". Metadata records are similar in concept to library catalog records: details about a book such as title, author, and publisher are recorded in a standard way to ease the search for information. Metadata ultimately makes information about data sets more easily accessible to scientists and researchers.

metadata profile graphicMetadata is a valuable tool. Since metadata records preserve the usefulness of data over time by detailing methods for data collection and data set creation, Metadata greatly minimizes duplication of effort in the collection of expensive data, and fosters, sharing of digital data resources. Metadata supports local data asset management such as local inventory and data catalogs, and external user communities such as Clearinghouses and websites. It provides adequate guidance for end-use application of data such as detailed lineage and context. Metadata makes it possible for data users to search, retrieve, and evaluate data set information by providing standardized descriptions of geospatial and non-geospatial data.

Core Science Analytics and Synthesis (CSAS) Metadata Progam offers an extensive array of metadata resources. Explore the links and find resources for your organization to use.