Research Projects

A Systems Approach to Modeling Effects of Climate and Land Use Change on Prairie Wetland Ecosystems

Arctic Paleoclimatology

Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Fluxes, Carbon Sequestration, and Other Ecosystem Services Provided by Wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region of the Northern Great Plains

Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain Climate Variability

Carbon Sequestration Dynamics

Climate and Environmental Change in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean

Climate and Land Use Impacts on Extreme Streamflows

Climate Change and Dissolved Organic Carbon Fluxes

Consequences of Land Use and Land Cover Change

Deep Time Data-Model Synergy

Driving Forces of Land Change

Drylands are highly vulnerable to climate and land use changes: What changes are in store?

East Coast Sea Level

Eastern Coastal Plain Studies

Eocene Hyperthermals

Exploring Future Flora, Environments, and Climates Through Simulations

Fate of Tidal Freshwater Forested Wetlands and Sea Level Rise

Geologic Records of High Sea Levels

Geothermal Heat Flux Beneath the Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets

Holocene Hydroclimate of Western North America

Holocene Synthesis

Hydrologic Extremes and Aeolian Thresholds on southwestern tribal lands

Ice Dynamics, Paleoclimates, and Ice Cores

Improving our ability to forecast tidal marsh response to sea level rise

Land Change Data Collection and Monitoring

Mechanisms of Carbon Stabilization in Soil

Modeling and reconstructing past, present and future climate in North America

National Land Change Assessment

Pacific Ocean Climate Variability: Marine Records of North American Precipitation Patterns

Pacific Ocean Climate Variability: Terrestrial Records of North American Precipitation Patterns

Paleohydrology of Desert Wetlands

Quaternary Carbon Cycle Dynamics in Wetlands

Radiocarbon Dating

Scenarios and Modeling of Land Use and Land Cover

Soil Biogeochemistry in the Critical Zone

Sources, compositions, and effects of atmospheric dust from American Drylands

Spatially Explicit Modeling of Land Use and Land Cover

Terrestrial Rates and Amplitudes of Changes in Ecoclimate Systems

Terrestrial Records of Holocene Climate Change: Fire, climate and humans

USGS Glaciers and Climate

Water, Energy, and Biogeochemical Budgets

Western Mountain Initiative, Central Rocky Mountains

Western Mountain Initiative, Northern Rocky Mountains

Western Mountain Initiative, Sierra Nevada