Paleoclimate Research


Map of USGS Paleoclimate Research Sites.
USGS Paleoclimate Research Sites

Arctic Paleoclimatology

Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain Climate Variability

Climate and Environmental Change in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean

Deep Time Data-Model Synergy

East Coast Sea Level

Eastern Coastal Plain Studies

Eocene Hyperthermals

Geologic Records of High Sea Levels

Holocene Hydroclimate of Western North America

Holocene Synthesis

Ice Dynamics, Paleoclimates, and Ice Cores

Modeling and reconstructing past, present and future climate in North America

Pacific Ocean Climate Variability: Marine Records of North American Precipitation Patterns

Pacific Ocean Climate Variability: Terrestrial Records of North American Precipitation Patterns

Paleohydrology of Desert Wetlands

Terrestrial Rates and Amplitudes of Changes in Ecoclimate Systems