Community for Data Integration (CDI)

 Highlights for Community for Data Integration: Climate and Land Use Change, Water, Core Science Systems, Ecosystems, Natural Hazards, Energy and Minerals, and Environmental Health

About CDI

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Community for Data Integration (CDI) represents a dynamic aggregation of multiple communities of practice, focused on the advancement of scientific data and information management and integration capabilities across the USGS and external organizations to enhance earth science research. Learn more About CDI.

Projects and Products

The CDI encourages innovative ideas across the community through working groups and seed funding for projects. Through these efforts, the CDI has produced many data integration tools, Web applications, data integration and management frameworks, and educational resources. Search for current and past CDI Products and Publications.


The CDI represents a community of scientists, data managers, data stewards, and technology developers coming together to identify solutions to ensure that scientific data are effectively hosted, adequately described, and appropriately accessible. The CDI offers many ways to participate.