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FY 2007 Budget Funding Tables

President's Budget Request

The FY 2007 Congressional phrase of the budget process started with the transmittal of the President’s Budget to Congress. Since the funding for the USGS is contained in the annual Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriation Bill, it is the House and Senate Appropriation Subcommittees, which review and make the initial recommended funding level for USGS. The excel file found below contains a series of worksheets that provide a basis for many of the funding details for the USGS President’s Budget Request (referred to as the Budget Justification or the “Greenbook”).

Budget Justification Tables (Excel 1,084 KB)

USGS Budget Congressional Action

Upon receipt of the President’s Budget Request, a series of major steps in the Congressional Appropriations process are undertaken before funds are appropriated to the USGS:

  1. Separate markups by the House and the Senate Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Subcommittees.
  2. Separate markups by the House and the Senate Full Appropriations Committees.
  3. Separate passage of a bill by the House and the Senate.
  4. Agreement by a Conference Committee consisting of House and Senate members to resolve differences between the separate bills passed by the House and the Senate.
  5. Passage of this Conference agreement by both the House and the Senate.
  6. Presentation of this House-Senate agreement to the President for his signature or veto.

Congressional action regarding the Fiscal Year 2007 appropriation will be displayed as events occur. Two excel files found below this paragraph display USGS funding at the budget activity, subactivity, and program element levels and compare the proposed President's Budget Request to the most recent Congressional action. The first excel simply displays the most recent funding levels. The second excel file contains the same funding levels but also includes numerous footnotes that provide narrative details related to changes to the President's Budget Request.

Congressional Action Overview (without footnotes) (Excel 27 KB)    Congressional Action Overview (with footnotes) (Excel 41 KB)

For more detailed views of FY 2007 Congressional action: Congressional Action Comparisons (Excel 568KB) – displays the results of Congressional Action at the Subcommittee, Full Committee, and Floor levels in the House and the Senate, as well as the Conference Action at the full USGS budget structure.  Also, depicts comparisons between the President’s Budget and House, Senate, and Conference Action funding levels, as well as comparisons between each of the Congressional Action levels.

Detailed Congressional Action (Excel 558KB) – is also called the “Puts and Takes” Table and represents our most detailed view of Congressional Action.  This table shows FY 2007 House, Senate, and Conference Action at the full USGS budget structure level and examines each individual increase or decrease either proposed by the President’s Budget or reported out by the House and/or Senate, as a separate row in the table. For example across a row, one can see how the House, Senate, and ultimately the Conference Actions affected a proposed increase in the President’s Budget.

However, the FY 2007 Congressional budget process did not follow the “normal” enactment paths for appropriation bills. As a result, neither individual Appropriation Subcommittee bills (except for Defense and Homeland Security) nor a government wide Omnibus bill were passed. Through February 15, 2007, the budget process remained stalled, except for the passage of 3 Continuing Resolution bills (CRs). A Full Year CR based in part on FY 2006 enacted funding with few adjustments for “anomalies” and a partial fixed cost addition was the “final resolution of the FY 2007 Congressional budget deliberations”. The detailed action table follows depicts the Full year CR action. The most obvious difference between this appropriation action table and other “Puts and Takes” tables is the lack of funding detail displayed throughout the table – funding is shown at the bottom-line, account total level only.

Revised Detailed Congressional Action   (Excel 661KB)

Section 113 of House Joint Resolution 20 (the Full Year Continuing Resolution legislation) requested that agencies prepare “Operating Plans” for each budget account covered by the CR. A high level view of the FY 2007 Operating Plan for USGS follows:

FY 2007 Operating Plan at Budget Activity  (Excel)

A more detailed view of the FY 2007 Operating Plan for the U.S. Geological Survey follows: USGS Operating Plan (Excel 112KB)

Fiscal Year History

During or after the enactment of the USGS’s appropriation, there may be Across-the Board (ATB) reductions also enacted. In addition, other budget process changes (such as, rescissions, funding transfers in and/or out, budget supplemental funding) can occur during the fiscal year after initial enactment of the budget. The budget history file (Excel 437 KB) details these changes both at the budget structure and funds availability (one-year, multi-year, or no-year budget authority) levels of detail. In addition, this file provides a crosswalk of USGS budget authority to DOI Goals.

Download if needed: Excel Viewer | PDF Reader | Powerpoint Viewer | Word Viewer

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