Researching the Russian Crown Jewels

Image a the book titled Russia’s Treasure of Diamonds and Precious Stones (1925)

Russia’s Treasure of Diamonds and Precious Stones (1925) is the first official inventory of the Russian Crown Jewels.

The USGS Libraries are proud to present the official press release of the discovery of previously unknown images of the Russian Crown Jewels. You can also listen to the podcast and view the media gallery. Any new information related to the Crown Jewels will be posted on the library blog (see links below).

If you would like to see our unique album in person, Russian Diamond Fund is scheduled to be on display as part of an upcoming exhibit at the Hillwood Museum in Washington, DC in February, 2013. The Hillwood Museum also houses the Nuptial Crown an important piece of the Crown Jewels which was sold by the Soviet government in 1927.

We welcome inquiries and contributions from scholars and researchers that can provide any further insight into the album we possess or its importance to the history of the Jewels. The Libraries are not actively pursuing any further line of inquiry related to the Jewels at this time. Gemstones in their finished state are not the focus of research at the USGS; both Russian Diamond Fund and Russia’s Treasure of Diamonds and Precious Stones came into the care of the Libraries as part of the estate of George Frederick Kunz.

The research behind this discovery was a collaborative effort. The Libraries would like to thank the Gemological Institute of America, the American Museum of Natural History, the Hillwood Institute (particularly Kristen Regina), the Smithsonian, and the Corcoran Gallery for their interest and support. We would also like to thank Christel McCanless and Annemiek Wintraecken for their research and Irena Kavalek and Kent Southworth for their translations.

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