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Protect Your Groundwater Day

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Beautiful Stream photo courtesy Andrew Hyde

Beautiful Stream photo courtesy Andrew Hyde

As a nation, we use over 75 billion gallons of groundwater each day. September 13 is the National Groundwater Association’s “Protect Your Groundwater Day,” a celebration of one of our nation’s critical resources and an opportunity to learn what we can do to ensure we continue to have enough of it. While the USGS does not manage or regulate groundwater, it has provided the public and policymakers with groundwater information for over 60 years. As the primary federal agency for water resource information, the USGS is uniquely equipped to collect water quality and quantity data on national, regional, and local scales.

You can check out the National Protect Your Groundwater Day website to calculate your water usage or to see suggestions on how to protect and conserve groundwater. Visit the USGS Groundwater Informationpage for additional information on USGS groundwater quality and availability studies.