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Experiments on Early Sturgeon Development

By Robert Jacobson, Aaron DeLonay, Kimberly Chojnacki, and Casey Hickcox Pallid sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus albus), like most fish, are cold-blooded.  This means that their metabolism is regulated by the temperature of the water in which they live.  As water warms, developmental … Continue reading

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It’s more than just gravel and sand!

By Aaron Delonay, Robert Jacobson, and Casey Hickcox Scientists hypothesize that pallid sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus albus), like other sturgeon species, spawn over hard or coarse substrate such as bedrock, cobble or gravel. The type, size, or composition of coarse substrate that … Continue reading

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Unpredictable Water in the Missouri River

By Aaron Delonay, Robert Jacobson, and Casey Hickcox As the temperatures in the Missouri River Basin begin to rise each spring, snowmelt and spring storms typically introduce large quantities of water into the system. This water becomes runoff that enters … Continue reading

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Ready, Set, GO!!!

Late last week, reproductive female PLS11-008 stopped her upstream migration and moved over to an outside bend of the river near Arrow Rock, Missouri.  From our experience tracking female pallid sturgeon, we have come to recognize this as likely spawning … Continue reading

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