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Unpredictable Water in the Missouri River

By Aaron Delonay, Robert Jacobson, and Casey Hickcox As the temperatures in the Missouri River Basin begin to rise each spring, snowmelt and spring storms typically introduce large quantities of water into the system. This water becomes runoff that enters … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain and More Rain

The 7-day precipitation forecast from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued on May 27 showed local rainfall potential of approximately 5 inches for portions of north Missouri (figure 1).  Unfortunately, this forecast was relatively accurate and heavy rainfall swelled … Continue reading

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A Missouri River delicacy

Fairy shrimp are small crustaceans only distantly related to lobsters, crabs, and the shrimp we commonly find on our dinner tables.  Most species are rather small, seldom larger than an inch in length.  Adapted to temporary habitats, fairy shrimp eggs … Continue reading

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Rising Water

The Corps of Engineers has predicted that flooding on the upper part of the Lower Missouri River this coming week is going to be historic.  As the projected 150,000 cfs release from Gavins Point Dam propagates downstream, it will add … Continue reading

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