Local Biology Club Visits The Columbia Environmental Research Center

Last month, the Columbia Environmental Research Center (CERC) hosted a tour for Hickman High School’s biology club.  Fifteen students from the high school located in Columbia, MO gathered at the CERC to learn about various research projects at the center and types of jobs available in fisheries science.  Scientists from the branches of toxicology, ecology, and river studies spoke to the group on an array of topics including fish behavior, invasive species, acoustic telemetry, and sediment toxicity.   In addition, students were able to discuss career options with ecologists, database managers, and research technicians.

Students from Hickman High School’s biology club ask questions during an educational tour at the Columbia Environmental Research Center (Columbia, MO). Photo by Terese Dishaw.



Biologists Hallie Ladd and Chad Vishy give a presentation about the comprehensive sturgeon research project to Hickman High School students.



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