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Did she or didn’t she?

When the spring spawning migration finally ends and the tagged female is recaptured, all is not over.  The question on everyone’s mind is, “Did she spawn, or didn’t she?” Using a portable ultrasound unit similar to those used in modern … Continue reading

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It’s hard enough to catch a pallid sturgeon once, but twice?!

  Any fisherman will tell you that just knowing where a fish is located is not enough to catch it.  If it were, we would call it “catching” instead of “fishing.”   Recapturing telemetry tagged pallid sturgeon takes skill, experience, hard work, … Continue reading

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Drift and retention of sturgeon larvae

After sturgeon eggs hatch, the free-embryo larvae can drift as many as 17 days before “settling” into river habitats.  Previous analysis has indicated that if they drift at average water velocity in the river (4.5 – 7 miles per hour) … Continue reading

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