Accessing the Big Muddy

Would you know there is a boat ramp here? Launching a boat during high water on the muddy Missouri River requires intimate knowledge of boat ramps. The Glasgow, MO, boat ramp (pictured) is underwater when the local gage is approximately 29 feet.

There’s a lot of water in the Missouri River Basin this spring.  This is a great opportunity to see how high flows affect Pallid Sturgeon movement and behavior.  In order to do that, we first need to get on the river, a problem when river levels are at flood stage and boat ramps are disappearing beneath the muddy water.

Biologists on the Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Project are familiar with boat ramps from Gavins Point Dam in Yankton, South Dakota, to the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers near St. Louis, Missouri.  Using the USGS WaterWatch website and the National Weather Service Advance Hydrologic Prediction Service we plan our field activities around which boat ramps are accessible.  For example, if the river level at Glasgow is 29 feet or above, we know the Glasgow boat ramp is under water, but chances are good that Franklin Island boat ramp near Boonville, Missouri is still usable.

About Emily Pherigo

Emily is no longer with the Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Project. When she was here, she was a biologist contracted to the Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Project. Most of her time was spent at a computer performing QA/QC on data or updating figures and graphs most used by Aaron DeLonay. However, she occasionally made it to the river, where she enjoyed seeing pallid sturgeon and was reminded why she entered the natural resources field.
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