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Accessing the Big Muddy

There’s a lot of water in the Missouri River Basin this spring.  This is a great opportunity to see how high flows affect Pallid Sturgeon movement and behavior.  In order to do that, we first need to get on the river, … Continue reading

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Ready, Set, GO!!!

Late last week, reproductive female PLS11-008 stopped her upstream migration and moved over to an outside bend of the river near Arrow Rock, Missouri.  From our experience tracking female pallid sturgeon, we have come to recognize this as likely spawning … Continue reading

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Female prerogative

To the casual observer, the movements of PLS11-008 may seem awfully indecisive.  We know she is reproductive; she has black eggs at a stage appropriate for spawning this spring.  But she waited for more than a month in a short reach … Continue reading

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Every which way

We haven’t posted to the blog much recently because USGS and Nebraska Game and Parks (NGPC) crews have been busy, strung out from Missouri to South Dakota trying to keep tabs on wayward sturgeon.  Downstream in the state of Missouri … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

As many mother’s spend time with their children and grandchildren on May 8, scientists with the Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Project (CSRP) are following some future mothers swimming their hearts. These moms-to-be are dedicated to finding the best place to ensure a good … Continue reading

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How long before she spawns?

Currently, there is no way to predict exactly when and where a reproductive female pallid sturgeon will spawn.  However, there are various ways to estimate a fish’s readiness to spawn. One such way is to determine how near the germinal vesicle (GV), or nucleus, is … Continue reading

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GeoWorld Recognizes Sturgeon Information Management System!

Keeping track of multiple field crews, hundreds of fish, countless search efforts, and thousands of river miles tracked is possible thanks to the Sturgeon Information Management System, or SIMS.  Not just a database, the SIMS framework also facilitates mobile mapping and electronic data … Continue reading

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