It’s a Spring Thing

The arrival of spring brings longer days and warmer weather, right?  Just when we were beginning to think so, another cold front came through and made us wonder.  These weather events affect water temperatures, too.  The USGS gage on the Missouri River at Hermann, MO, recorded a water temperature of 11°C (52°F) on March 23, and dropped to 7°C (45°F) on March 30. Upstream at the USGS gage in Sioux City, IA, water temperatures have barely topped 6°C (43°F) this spring.

About Emily Pherigo

Emily is no longer with the Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Project. When she was here, she was a biologist contracted to the Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Project. Most of her time was spent at a computer performing QA/QC on data or updating figures and graphs most used by Aaron DeLonay. However, she occasionally made it to the river, where she enjoyed seeing pallid sturgeon and was reminded why she entered the natural resources field.
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