Scientists travel to Missouri River Natural Resources Conference

March 8 -USGS scientists are participating in the annual Missouri River Natural Resources Conference (MRNRC) during the week of Mar. 8. A venue where scientists, managers, and stakeholders mingle and share information, MRNRC welcomes folks from Virginia to Montana, from universities, federal and state agencies, and private research firms all interested in the Missouri River. Scientists on the Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Project will be making oral and poster presentations on:

  • Deployment of DIDSON in the Lower Missouri River to Examine Sturgeon Behavior
  • Use Distribution of Adult Pallid Sturgeon Scaphirhynchus albus in the Missouri River Below Gavins Point Dam
  • Optimum Pathways of Pallid Sturgeon Spawning Migrations in the Lower Missouri River
  • Progress Towards Characterizing Uncertainty in the Impact of Global Climate Change on Large River Fishes: Missouri River Sturgeon Example
  • Fort Peck Flow Modification Biological Data Collection Plan: End of an Era
  • Functional Composition and Species Diversity of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates in Mainstem Habitats of the Lower Missouri River, USA
  • Use of the Osage River by Telemetry-tagged Pallid Sturgeon

-By Emily Pherigo

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