First catch of the year

USGS biologist Sabrina Davenport holds a flathead catfish captured by drifting a trammel net in the Lower Missouri River, March 2011.

Not a gravid pallid sturgeon, but a fine river specimen none-the –less, crews caught a flathead catfish while drifting trammel nets in an effort to recapture PLS10-004. Although PLS10-004 evaded the net today, she can’t avoid it forever. Well, hopefully she can’t
This is the start of the sampling season that will hopefully result in the capture of a gravid pallid sturgeon to implant with a transmitter. Trotlines resulted in the capture of two pallid sturgeon, both under our two kilogram weight requirement for implantation. Although it is not known if the captured pallids were male or female, it is known that both were hatchery offspring stocked into the Missouri River. An elastomer was observed in the rostrum on one pallid sturgeon while the other was captured in 2009, at which time genetics identified it as hatchery origin.

Crews retrieve trotlines from the Lower Missouri River. Reeling in the trotlines helps keep the gear tangle-free and ready for re-deployment.

– By Emily Pherigo

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